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Tell me... Does your heart stop when you see your curious child checking out a plug in night light knowing that they could receive a lethal shock when the blades are exposed?


Can you imagine tripping on a toy or pet while walking down a your dim hallway or staircase? Did you know that tripping and falling is one of the most common home accidents that can be prevented?


Litepods™ is a central night lighting system created and manufactured in Ohio that uses less voltage than a 9 volt battery that you can install in your home. Imagine having multiple North Stars gently guiding you safely through your home at night just like the three Wise Men.


You can install these illuminators along your steps, in your hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages and basements to provide a moon like glow at night to make your home safer for yourself and for curious kids. They will arrive with white LED’s installed but you can change to other colors and there is also a really cool color changing LED you can use!


Don’t want to install your LitePods yourself? You can hire a local handyman or low voltage installer to make your home safe with the Litepods™ Illumination System.





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